Mentorship: the make-or-break factor

The data doesn’t lie: mentorship provides a serious advantage. Studies show that having a mentor speeds up career development, accelerates salary growth, and increases personal satisfaction.

Springboard mentors provide essential support throughout the learning journey with…

  • Goal setting and project definition to ensure learners start off on the right foot.

  • Continuous feedback and progress assessments for faster growth and increased accountability.

  • Extra support to remove roadblocks and simplify tough concepts.

Give your people the personalized guidance they deserve

Springboard’s network of 850+ mentors are industry rockstars…

  • Experienced with a minimum of three years of working in the curriculum domain

  • Vetted for subject matter expertise and coaching abilities

  • Well-networked having worked at top brands around the world

Augment learning with the help of industry professionals

Independent studies show that having a mentor accelerates development.

  • Professionals in a mentorship program are five times as likely to be promoted and get a pay rise then those who aren’t. (LinkedIn, 2019)

  • 76% of professionals think mentors are important, but only 37% have one. (Forbes, 2019)

Accelerate development with 1:1 support, proven by research

"I enrolled my entire team of 7 analysts/managers, including myself. Thanks to the training, our team is delivering better analytics and results to our clients. The value is unbeatable - it costs less than sending someone to a conference, and pays for itself in improved productivity."

"Springboard’s program had such an impact. Data and analytics are the lifeblood of our company, so training cross-functional diverse team members was a big priority. The Springboard program pushed people out of their comfort zones to apply new data & strategic skills to our real-world programs. The mentors were super invested and the team was supportive. Worthwhile for all participants."

My mentor was fantastic—she enabled several "AHA!" moments for me. Our weekly sessions made everything I was learning click into place."

Jesicca Rangi

Head of Marketing

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