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Shared experiences are powerful for learning. Springboard’s cohort-based learning model helps employees foster a sense of community that doesn’t exist in asynchronous learning.

Springboard’s live sessions bring the curriculum to life.

  • Contextualized content shows learners how the concepts they are learning relate to the work they do.

  • Real projects help learners build new skills on work they are already responsible for.

  • Breakout sessions enable insight sharing and collective problem solving.

Supercharge learning through expert-led live sessions.

Springboard programs provide multiple ways for learners to collaborate.

  • Breakout groups during the program kickoff and live learning sessions promote knowledge sharing across teams.

  • Asynchronous discussion channels foster community amongst learners and mentors.

  • Project showcases allow learners to show off their new skills to company leadership.

Connect with peers across multiple touchpoints.

Springboard’s cohort-based model outperforms solo learning.

  • Built-in support helps when learners encounter challenges along the way.

  • Increased accountability encourages peers to help each other stay committed to their learning and development.

  • Natural structure and pacing keeps learners motivated throughout the program.

Increase engagement and completion rates with group learning.

"I enrolled my entire team of 7 analysts/managers, including myself. Thanks to the training, our team is delivering better analytics and results to our clients. The value is unbeatable - it costs less than sending someone to a conference, and pays for itself in improved productivity."

"Springboard’s program had such an impact. Data and analytics are the lifeblood of our company, so training cross-functional diverse team members was a big priority. The Springboard program pushed people out of their comfort zones to apply new data & strategic skills to our real-world programs. The mentors were super invested and the team was supportive. Worthwhile for all participants."

“Through the projects completed in this Springboard program, I was made aware of several key insights with significant revenue implications that could change the direction of some critical initiatives for our team. These insights wouldn’t have come to light without the clear, data-driven problem-solving approach exemplified in this program. I’m excited for my team to continue applying these skills to other areas of the business and see what else we might be missing!”

Val Gabriel

Global Head of Search Marketing

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