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How to line up references during an interview process?

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We are an online school on a mission to positively impact one million lives by 2030. More than 20,000 students across 100+ countries have used Springboard to advance their careers. We believe that each student is unique, and needs a learning experience designed to fit their life’s pace, supported by advisors and mentors.

 We offer an education that prepares students for the real world. Graduates have landed jobs with employers like MicrosoftFacebook, and Boeing. We have also trained corporate teams at the likes of Visa, Gusto and The North Face. 

Every week, we'll be hosting a free career coaching “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) program, featuring expert advice to offer the general public expert job search advice to prepare for a post-pandemic economy.

Adenike Makinde, Career Coach at Springboard

Adenike has more than 20 years of experience in coaching, training, program development, and career development across many industries and has helped hundreds of professionals realize their career goals. Her philosophy in career and life is, “You don’t have to settle. You have a special set of skills and talents that make you unique. What you need is a plan and the confidence to get on track to your success".

Next Wednesday: 11am-12pm ET/8am-9am PST

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